Islamorada Swordfish

What do you think of trying to catch a monster from the deep? Well if you’ve been working out and want to try and pull a couple 100 lb fish up from 1800 ft of water this is the trip for you. A truly once in a lifetime fish, a memory that you can tell your kids about, even thought they might not believe you. Islamorada Swordfish live in the great unknown ranging from 1200 – 3500 ft of water. Off Islamorada we have structural bottom starting around 1500 ft, that attracts these monsters.

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A day that isn’t for a faint of heart as you very well might come home empty handed, but if you are lucky enough to land one of these epic monster Swordfish you will never stop taking about it.

Some of the by-catch is also pretty epic, huge squids, deep water creatures that are rarely seen, Queen Snappers, Barrel Fish along with the possibility of something that hasn’t been seen or caught in sometime.

This is for the client that wants to go big, boom or bust, The Provider is the perfect swordfish fishing machine for this adventure and Capt. Brooks will do everything he can to get one of these beasts hooked up.

Tight Lines!!!

Our 34ft Freeman is one of the smoothest riding center council boats around. Being a dual-hull boat makes for less rocking back and forth. Its as stable of a fishing vessel you will ever ride on. No diesel smoke in your face either. Just a badass machine setup and ready to crush fish.

The deck on this boat is wide enough to hold and fish 6 guys / girls with ease. Full open bow to chase sailfish with the best of them. Plus is loaded with cooler space for drinks and food. Also has a portable head if you have to go to bathroom.

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