About the PROVIDER Fishing

We are a group of hard core fishermen that have families, know how to have fun, but get really serious when it’s tournament time. What does that mean for you and your charter…customization.

If you’re ready for a family fun day where everyone gets to catch some fish and have a blast, this is definitely the boat for you. You don’t have to know how to do anything except lean back and be ready for us to yell “Fish On”. It’s that easy, and that relaxing.

For the weekend warrior that wants to get out and put some meat in the box, we got the trip for you. No, nonsense let’s get on the spots and put some lines in the water. It’s not uncommon for us to limit out on one species and head for the next.

If you’re a tournament super star, looking for a super team to get you on the boards, you’re booking experience with us. We have fished tournaments around the world, we know how to keep the boat in contention, and bring home the trophies. Enough reading…let’s do this…click the Book Now button!

Captain Brooks

Capt. Brooks grew up fishing all throughout the Hilton Head Island SC area, which is where he spent time as both a captain and mate learning the ins and outs of saltwater fishing. He had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the water and really started to think about fishing as a career after high school.

The PROVIDER Fishing Machine

This boat is awesome! The PROVIDER Fishing Machine is a Freeman Boat Works 34 Center Console fishing monster, which has a dual-hull and makes riding ultra-comfortable in all conditions. It never comes off a wave hard and doesn’t rock side to side, making it much easier to fish, ride and just enjoy the day.

You Got Questions And We Have Answers

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