Islamorada Shark Fishing

Ever dreamed of catching a fish that is not only is bigger than you but could also eat you for lunch instead of the other way around? Well this Islamorada Shark Fishing trip is the trip for you!!

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Capt. Brooks will set you up either back country in the Florida Bay off Islamorada, on the humps or off the reef for some monster mashing. Blacktip, Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Hammer Heads are just a few of the many species of sharks that call Islamorada Florida their home.

Usually the day will start with catching smaller fish for bait, which is a lot of fun. In the back-country Capt. Brooks might fly a kite with a bait attached to it dangling in the water for added excitement. If you’ve never have felt the brut strength of a 150+ pound shark on the end of your rod you have to try this one. It will take every ounce of fight you have to get these epic monsters close to the boat. A true thrill ride for those that want to try their luck at taming one of these beasts. And what an epic selfie it will make with one of these beast’s boat side.

Tight Lines!!!

Our 34ft Freeman is one of the smoothest riding center council boats around. Being a dual-hull boat makes for less rocking back and forth. Its as stable of a fishing vessel you will ever ride on. No diesel smoke in your face either. Just a badass machine setup and ready to crush fish.

The deck on this boat is wide enough to hold and fish 6 guys / girls with ease. Full open bow to chase sailfish with the best of them. Plus is loaded with cooler space for drinks and food. Also has a portable head if you have to go to bathroom.

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